Experiences at Dunes Desert Camp

Dunes Desert Camp

from $50/night

In the wilds of Colorado, the spirit of Adventure has found a new home: Dunes Desert Camp is your staging ground for exploring the breathtaking natural wonders of the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Luxury Safari Tents from $250/night. Full property rental, RV sites and private camping are also available from $50/night

Wellness Retreat

from $300

To us, wellness is inextricably linked to nature. We find solace in our surroundings and peace when connected with the sand beneath our feet. Our 320-acre property is the perfect place to retreat, relax and reconnect.
Yoga Retreats, Indigenous Ceremonies and Holistic Workshops

Activities & Tours

from $150/day

We offer a range of guided and independent tours and activities throughout the San Luis Valley, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Southern Colorado.
Trekking in the Rocky Mountains, ATV, Quad-bike & Motorcycle Tours, Horseback Safari, wildlife tracking, Star-gazing and Sandboarding.

Scenic Flights of the San Luis Valley


Our experienced curators organize private flights so that you can enjoy the magnificence of the Great Sand Dunes National Park from the skies above the San Luis Valley.
Full Colorado flying experiences or shorter flights available.

Desert Reef Hotspring


Complete your journey with a relaxing stop at a natural mineral hot spring. Set halfway between Denver and Dunes Desert Camp, this desert oasis in the mountains of Colorado is the perfect complement to your wilderness adventures.
A Hotspring Tour, Private Pool Rental & Overnight Stay

TV and Film Production Support

Location support, logistics and production facilities including 360 landscape views, access to the National Park and more.
Full Property Rental, Production Support, Logistics & Accommodation

Creative Workshops

We offer a range of creative workshops from photography and writing to entrepreneurial thinkcamps.
Photography, Writing, Leadership and more.

Corporate Retreats & Conferences

Come and host your business workshops, annual conference or corporate retreat at our incredible venue.
Bespoke packages available.
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