Experiences at Dunes Desert Camp

Dunes Desert Camp

from $50/night

In the wilds of Colorado, the spirit of Adventure has found a new home: Dunes Desert Camp is your staging ground for exploring the breathtaking natural wonders of the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Luxury Safari Tents from $250/night. Full property rental, RV sites and private camping are also available from $50/night

Wellness Retreat

from $300

To us, wellness is inextricably linked to nature. We find solace in our surroundings and peace when connected with the sand beneath our feet. Our 320-acre property is the perfect place to retreat, relax and reconnect.
Yoga Retreats, Indigenous Ceremonies and Holistic Workshops

Activities & Tours

from $150/day

We offer a range of guided and independent tours and activities throughout the San Luis Valley, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Southern Colorado.
Trekking in the Rocky Mountains, wildlife tracking, Star-gazing and Sandboarding.

Desert Reef Hotspring


Complete your journey with a relaxing stop at a natural mineral hot spring. Set halfway between Denver and Dunes Desert Camp, this desert oasis in the mountains of Colorado is the perfect complement to your wilderness adventures.
A Hotspring Tour, Private Pool Rental & Overnight Stay

TV and Film Production Support

Location support, logistics and production facilities including 360 landscape views, access to the National Park and more.
Full Property Rental, Production Support, Logistics & Accommodation

Creative Workshops

We offer a range of creative workshops from photography and writing to entrepreneurial thinkcamps.
Photography, Writing, Leadership and more.

Corporate Retreats & Conferences

Come and host your business workshops, annual conference or corporate retreat at our incredible venue.
Bespoke packages available.
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